17 setembro 2011

Dear 4Square...

Dear John,

After a thorough examination of your last email, I decided to write you. This is not an open letter, a petition or whatsoever. It's maybe, who knows, a little thought about what you claim to be, fun and fair. Your email was neither.

I play FourSquare along with your rules. If your system "decided" to flag my account due to frequent check-ins, just change the rules that allow it. (Meanwhile, please check the last time this account was "on-hold" due to that reason. I will wait. No problem). What? Three months ago? That's weird. It may mean that I play along with the rules. Again, your rules.

I will still play according to the established rules, the very same set of guidelines I agreed to play with within Terms of Service. No more, no less, but if you think the contrary please let me know and I will quit playing FourSquare on that very same second.

Best regards

Pedro Aniceto

P.S.- More than a year passed sinced I claimed the two venues I manage. No answer at all. That's not fair; neither fun. You may consider to review the "Every check-in counts!" message that I get each time I play, against the "remember: only one check-in per day at a venue counts towards Mayorships!)" I just found on the Guidelines.

Yeah, I still love you. That's exactly why I wrote this post

The pedroaniceto Foursquare account was terminated on September the 18th, 2011, as FourSquare decided to wipe my Mayorship data without any warning.

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Patricia Lousinha disse...

Bravo, dear Pedro!